Hotel mode television

LED TV 22" to 32"

LED TV 22" to 32"

LED TV with hotel mode

Sizes ranging from 22-32 inches for Layouts of one or more hotel rooms, reception etc.

Full HD LED TV 34" to 43"

Full HD LED TV 34" to 43"

HD LED TV 39-42 inches fashion hotel

ideales for the hotel equipment and customer comfort.
HD TV 46"

HD TV 46"

Top of the range 46" + LED TV

For quality audiovisual equipment,

Opt for hotel LED TV 46 inches or more.

Hotel mode television

LED HD Television


Caution The TV goes HD!

Since 2012 manufacturers offer models '' HD ready '' but from 2016 the standard network said SD MPEG-2 is to make way for the High Definition Television or '' HD '' MPEG-4. The 700 MHz frequency band will be released to expand the 4G network
With the adoption of this standard more than 10 million TV sets that do not have HD decoder but a simple internal decoder will display a black screen with a message like 'NO SIGNAL' '

Must you get rid of your old TV that still works fine? Some will say yes of course, it's HD now  your old tvs are not compatible! That's not for sure...
You can easily check the MPEG-4 compatibility of your current television in the manual or on the internet with the reference '' model and brand 'of your TV.

If you determine that your old TV sets are HD compatible MPEG-4, you have little or nothing to do. If you encounter a black screen or messages ''no signal'' the day of the change over, simply restart the channel search [see your manual] via the setting of your TV.
If you have the
TV by ADSL, cable, fiber or satellite, your decoders will not be affected, normally your decoders / Box compatible HD.

If you connect to your aerial socket for TNT, you may need to launch a search strings.


Q: My television dates from before 2008 and is not compatible HD, but it works very well. Should I change it anyway?

A: No, with a HD box you can have Freeview HD on your old television.

Q: Why make it HD?
A: HD offers more
High Definition image, many options in terms of functions PVR recording, 3D TV and USB connections

Note: Important
Fitting a decoder does not mean that you can watch in HD on a CTR television screen, but you can still see 
programs in maximum definition for your TV.

So it's coming soon, update your televisions or adapt it with an HD decoder

Choose Cashotel, hotellerie TV provider equipment at hotel establishment or LED LCD TV, Samsung LED Television LG LED, or Grundig.
You can choose from a range of high-quality, flat-screen choices, led LG, Samsung LED, 22-32 inch, 39-42 inch, 46 inch +