About us

About us

Application The site is edited by the company and SAS CASHOTEL.

Cashotel justified twenty years of professional experience in consulting and marketing for hotel groups, hospitals, convalescent centers and independent hotels communities.

With its success, Cashotel decided to venture into e-commerce through online site So benefits from the expertise of Cashotel. As a result, an entire team is at your disposal to analyze your needs and propose appropriate solutions.

On we offer a supply of specially selected items for a professional target: hotels, clinics, holiday centers etc. Through household appliances, furniture, TV, or bedding, team has chosen for you the best references for landscaping your hotel-cost and quality.

With you will find all the equipment indispensable to the improvement and equipping of a community.

The team is of course at your disposal for a call, a quote or information about an item.

The word of the founder Houcine Bala

"I wanted to create the online site order to quickly and easily meet the needs of professionals basics hotel or communities. So, I wish you offer on this site a lot of articles all for the improvement and equipping of hotels at competitive prices of course, but definitely not sacrificing quality.

We wish first of all to establish a trusting relationship with our customers which is why we have a policy of communication and customer relations which he wants fully transparent.

Many in the field, I am constantly confronted with various problems of hoteliers or communities. For me the key is to stay one step ahead.

Anyway, I strongly encourage you to visit our shop regularly to landscape your property.

Your comments and suggestions are of course welcome to help us move forward!

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