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Rooms complet

Bedroom furniture. Equip your style hotel furniture,

Functional, high quality has an excellent price.

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Hotel furniture Olympia

Product no.: Olympia

Hotel furniture Olympia

Découvrez notre chambre complète Olympia avec son mobilier de qualité.

Une large gamme de couleur disponible.

1,499.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 à 30 days


Product no.: Classica

956.25 *


Product no.: Romantica

891.00 *


Product no.: Single

1,144.00 *

Bremen hotel furniture

Product no.: Bremen

Thanks to its production units Cashotel offers quality furniture at competitive prices.
Equipping your establishment, bespoke hotel furniture, suited to your space.
1,127.00 *


Product no.: Ecostar

1,261.00 *


Product no.: People

969.00 *

pleasure bedroom

Product no.: Chambre Plaisir

Thanks to its production units CASHotel offers furniture of quality hotel rooms at competitive prices.

You will have the pleasure of your specialist, tailor-made hotel furniture for your space.

Fully scalable and customizable, CASHotel, offers a turnkey solution for the equipment of your hotel rooms.

Contact for a quote or by phone: at [33] 05-61-63-30-12

921.00 *


Product no.: Twin

1,182.00 *

Hotel furniture Ortensia

Product no.: Ortensia

Hotel furniture Ortensia
Ortensia is a very nice room all solid wood veneer with a quilted faux leather, we also have the solution Egger as melamine Zebrano we strongly recommend.
A wide range of color of wood. Custom hotel furniture
1,924.00 *
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